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Couple Massage

The massage experience for two that has real benefits, for physical, mental, and relationship health. Ultimately, a couple’s massage is a shared experience – a massage for two people, at the same time, in the same private room.

A couple’s massage can be a great way to enhance the mental and physical benefits of the massage experience. While it’s common to choose a couple’s massage as part of a day of romance – let’s say, with a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend – it’s also normal to opt for this treatment with a friend or other loved one.

Getting a couple’s massage is an increasingly popular way to celebrate Valentine’s Day or a holiday weekend. At Angel Crown Spa, we offer an additional special twist on the couple’s massage. So why choose a couple’s massage?

When you get a great massage, your body releases oxytocin, the “love hormone” that creates a sense of affection and love. When you get a couple’s massage, that means love is literally in the air (and the bloodstream). Increased affection is one of the biggest benefits of a couple’s massage.

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